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We connect people, language and culture together


Interpretation requires interpreters’ accurate understanding of the core element that speakers are trying to convey.  

   We offer interpretation services to ensure your organisation has smooth communication as well as better engagement with your potential clients/audience without a language barrier. We select and deliver highly skilled professional interpreters with diverse backgrounds.  


Localisation is the key for any comprehensive and effective translation. 

   We pride ourselves on offering professional and trustworthy translation localised with cultural context and customised to clients’ specific needs. Our translation team consists of native Japanese who are either bilingual or near-native English and native English who have higher education qualifications in language with more than three years’ experience of working in Japan.


We provide research services and consultancy to clients who are based outside Japan. Our tailored research and consultancy services range from researching a specific area in Japan that you wish to look into or information useful to your potential business expansion in Japan, to arranging local staff, agencies, venues, equipment in Japan for your organisational events or other occasions. 

We connect people, language and culture together

Managing director, Emi, is an experienced language expert who brings high quality translation and research skill as well as effective project and team management to all our services. With more than a decade’s experience of multi-culture and multi-language scenarios. Her expertise lies in localising languages and translating in a cultural contextual way. 

  She started her career as a freelance translator. She later expanded into consecutive interpreting by gaining experience working at business meetings, factory tours, trade fairs, medical conferences, and academic seminars.

​ She spent 12 years in the UK studying ancient languages, archaeology and archives and records management. She graduated from the University of Liverpool and holds a PhD.  


She has co-published 3 books, including two translation books:『レコード・マネジメント・ハンドブック : 記録管理・アーカイブズ管理のための』(Shepherds and Yeo, Managing records : a handbook of principles and practice ) and Ttutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs 2012. She has also been undertaking a series of columns in Records and Information Management Journal and written several articles and research papers.

She is also a qualified archives and records management specialist in the UK and in Japan, and previously worked as an archival consult helping a diverse range of clients, including major automobile, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. records and archives management.

She is currently undertaking archival research as a researcher at The Centre for Academic Resources and Archives, Tohoku University,  and a committee member of Japan Society for Archival Science in charge of its website and social media.

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